Rare Earths in Toys
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Many toys contain plastic or polyvinyl chloride. Toys made of plastic have bright colors and changeable shapes, and are deeply loved by people. The application of rare earth materials in toys is mainly reflected in VC non-toxic stabilizers, rare earth photoluminescent plastics, rare earth magnetic plastics, etc.

Rare earth PVC non-toxic stabilizer

Polyvinyl chloride is also commonly known as PVC resin. Its molding temperature is higher than the decomposition temperature, so stabilizers need to be added when molding PVC products. The traditional heat stabilizers are mainly lead salts and metal soap salts, which are highly toxic and used in large quantities, and also lead to poor transparency of the products.

The polyvinyl chloride stabilizer made of rare earth has the characteristics of low dosage, non-toxicity, easy mixing with resin and uniform dispersion, easy plasticization by increasing the extrusion volume, a good gloss of the product, and translucency.

Rare earth photoluminescent plastics

The traditionally used luminescent materials are based on sulfides, with silver and manganese as activators. These luminescent materials have poor brightness, short luminous time, and only present light of a certain color, without a light conversion function.

Rare earth luminescent materials have stable chemical properties, high brightness, long luminescence time, and burn resistance; the rare-earth-activated phosphors are easy to be doped and sensitized, and light-emitting bodies of different colors can also be prepared; the preparation and application processes of rare-earth light-emitting materials are also very simple.

Rare earth magnetic plastics

Magnetic plastic is a new type of polymer functional material developed in the 1970s, and it is one of the important basic materials in the field of modern science and technology. Magnetic plastics can be divided into two types according to their composition: Structural magnetic plastic refers to a magnet with strong magnetic properties of the polymer itself; composite magnetic plastic refers to a magnet made by mixing plastic or rubber as a binder and magnetic powder.

The NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet material powder is added to the plastic resin, and after fully mixing and melting, various magnetic plastic products can be produced under the magnetization of the magnetizer. Rare earth magnetic plastics can be produced by casting, injection molding, extrusion, coating, and other processes.

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