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High Density Tungsten Alloy

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  • Typical properties

    Typical properties
    Tungsten heavy alloys have many special properties such as high density (15.8-18.7g/cm3), high melting point, wear resistance, high tensile strength, good...

  • Medical and Industrial Radiation Shielding

    Medical and Industrial Radiation Shielding
    A particularly dense material with excellent shielding properties is needed to ensure that the surrounding tissue is protected...

  • Weights, Counterbalances and Ballasts

    Weights, Counterbalances and Ballasts
    Counter weights made from our tungsten heavy alloy compensate for oscillations, weight transfers, imbalances and vibrations...

  • Boring Bars and Grinding Quills

    Boring Bars and Grinding Quills
    Tungsten heavy alloy boring bar is an alternative to tungsten-carbide heavy metal boring bars and grinding quills for better performance and longer tool life.

  • Ordnance Components

    Ordnance Components
    Their density, hardness, ductility, strength, non-magnetic and heat resistance properties make tungsten heavy alloy and excellent choice for ordnance application.

  • High Temperature Tooling

    High Temperature Tooling
    This tungsten alloy is used for die casting, extrusion dies, hot upsetting, and electro brazing. It's a tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, iron-based material.

  • Bucking Bar

    Bucking Bar
    High Density Tungsten Bucking Bars are 50% more dense than lead and over twice the density of steel. It presents an easy way to...