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Cast Titanium Alloy

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Cast Titanium alloy has equal ultimate strength as cast steel alloy and many other characteristics superior to the latter.

  • Density of only 4.5, much lower compared with 7.8 for steel;
  • Heat resistance up to 400°C/500°C;
  • Higher corrosion resistance; and
  • Bio-compatibility (no rejection by human body)

Titanium alloy are melted in vacuum skull furnaces and can be casted to many designations of pumps,valve impellers, artificial joints and machines of other shapes. X-ray inspections are applied in all casting process to ensure the good quality. We can produce Titanium precision castings according to your drawings and specifications.

Casting Methods:

Machined graphite mold casting
This method can simplify molding and effectively control metallurgical quality. Thicker and larger size castings can be precisely realized by this method.

Ceramic mold investment casting

  • a good method for high precision casting;
  • Logos can be clearly cast in this method; and
  • Large sized and complicated shaped parts can be well cast in this method.

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