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Medical Titanium Mesh

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Stanford Materials has in stock a large variety of medical titanium mesh to meet your various needs. Provide drawings and specifications if you have special requirements and we'll do our best to customize them for you.

Medical Titanium Mesh

Medical titanium mesh anodization treatment -After the anodization treatment, its corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance are improved. Life is longer and histocompatibility is higher.

A. Easy to be modeled, cut and easy to close to the implanted surface
B. High strength, toughness and impact strength
C. Can be inserted into the drainage tube, and does not affect the drainage
D. Paramagnetic adaptable, acceptable CT, MRI, DSA
Medical titanium mesh also has strong compression performance and good histocompatibility. After implanted in the human body, the fibroblasts grow into the pores of titanium mesh, so it can integrate with organizational and also have calcification and ossification tendency. It is an ideal cranioplasty material.